E7 gives you earned versus planned progress in one place, immediately. That’s really exciting. I also know everybody is looking at the same information, not slightly different approaches by each engineer on each roster. The consistency of the front end, which our client looks at, is the real benefit. We can also start to mitigate delays faster because of the ability to log events. If you find out about an issue four days late, you’re four days behind solving it. With E7, our team can grab their phones, take a photo and you get notified almost instantaneously. The greatest value is the electronic timesheet system. A supervisor would sign 30 to 50 dockets of a morning and electronic timesheets takes that off the table. This takes a task that doesn’t require any planning away from the supervisor so they can really plan the day and deliver information to their teams that’s relevant and front-of-mind…not diluted by timesheets. That planning time is priceless for understanding the job and from a safety and quality perspective.

Damian PercyProject Director, APLNG, CPB Contractors

Just looking at a total project doesn’t tell you about your performance in critical areas to maintain end dates. E7 lets us break that down in our reporting to demonstrate we’ll hit a target. Producing familiar reports in a trusted environment, that are reviewed, means there is no doubt around validity. At a top level, progress is not normally measured so minutely. E7, through its rules of credit, has a much more robust and defensible position on the progress you’ve earned, rather than basing it more on a rule of thumb. There’s [also] a great benefit in having the detail to separate intended tasks from unplanned events. By identifying and including these events in your schedule, you have the opportunity to manage issues effectively. When you have the right information in the right place, you get control and can really manage a project.

Matt KillenControls & Finance Manager, QGC Surat North, CPB Contractors

E7 has supported an ongoing continuous learning mentality. We’re not just running by gut feel. It’s a disciplined and professional approach to dealing with project issues. Without E7, we would have less data-based decision-making and control. It also means success isn’t ad hoc. E7 bridges that gap. It has encouraged a uniform, consistent approach…bringing everyone to the same high standard. With electronic timesheets, you can reliably use the data the day after it’s entered. We’re also now providing information to the workforce, so data flows down as well as up. That means a greater sense of ownership and more discipline and awareness. We now really have everyone working toward the team getting better, and E7 ties that together.

Ernie DownesProject Controls Manager, APLNG, CPB Contractors

E7 opens up different communication, reporting and decision-making avenues for people like construction managers, project managers and engineers. It’s a lot easier for them to see how well they are performing and whether they need to up their game. That wouldn’t have been available in the past without days or weeks of analysis – and by then, the information would be outdated. With E7, as long as your data is current, you have a snapshot in seconds of where you sit as a project.

Brendan McGuckinCommercial Manager, MPC Group

E7 provides a central source for all project data, which is handy and much better than spreadsheets. It also streamlines the creation of weekly reports – a real area of value. Every day we have team members feeding information in, right across our project. Because it is widely used, it gives you a true central repository of data.

David TowseySenior Project Engineer, QGC Surat North, CPB Contractors

E7 has provided accurate real-time reporting that has enabled fast and effective decision making that has led to measurable improvements in efficiency and productivity which has lead to cost and schedule benefits on our project.

Joe DujmovicThiess QCLNG Project Director

This is the greatest access we’ve had to real-time, accurate performance information to enable quality, value-adding decision-making. We’ve seen significant, measurable improvements in efficiency and productivity, which has led to cost and schedule benefits on our project.

Grant PuttergillProject Controls Manager QCLNG Upstream Main Works Project

A strong management decision to support the use of a single point of truth being E7 has created a stable data set, helping to promote a ‘best for project’ culture. The project team could make fast and supportable decisions to exploit the opportunities a ‘production line’ approach with the adoption using lean construction techniques.

Chris BarberProject Services Manager, QCLNG Upstream Project

E7 replaces uncontrolled spreadsheets and disconnected IT systems with a single, consolidated view of project work. Using E7 creates transparency and ensures that project risks are identified and addressed in close to real-time.

Ken Panitz
Senior Engineer and Innovation Committee Chair, Thiess

I feel that E7 empowers me with a great sense of ownership and control over my work compared to any other system I’ve used previously. My timesheets are completed faster, my work budgets and progress are easier to review and it’s much easier to manage any unplanned work using events. The user interface is very simple to use and it takes no time at all to enter my data, allowing me to get on with the job.

Paddy O’SheaCivil Supervisor, Woleebee Creek CPP

I’ve found E7 to be easier to use and collaborate with payroll and roster coordinators than anything I’ve ever used before. I felt a little overwhelmed when introduced to the new system, but E7 quickly proved to be very intuitive, efficient for getting my site’s timesheets completed on time and does so much more than any other system of its kind that I’ve experienced before. I’m particularly fond of E7’s iPhone attendance app because it makes capturing and tracking attendance so simple!

Paula RussellSite Administrator, Polaris FCS

E7 was implemented by our site at the Bechtel Caval Ridge CPP Project and now the QCLNG Project for QGC. It worked excellently on tracking man hours and progress on site. Made our man hour forecasting and budget reviews much easier to track. As with any software, if you input the data accurately, you get the right outcome.

Mo BanooSenior Project Engineer / 2IC, QCLNG 5+1 - Polaris FCS

E7 is a user friendly and highly customisable tool for managing my data and meeting the reporting expectations of both management and the client. With all of the Project’s data in one place, getting the information I need, when I need it, is made very easy. I also find that the collaborative interaction with the schedule is vastly improved with E7 by making it more accessible and readable to everyone in the team, whether it be the supervisors, engineers or managers. It disseminates vital project information amongst the users and integrated data sources, thereby making it a simple task for the contractor and its subcontractors to manage their individual scopes of work as well as their interfacing with others. Practically every other project I have worked on in the past has relied heavily on managing their data and reporting with spread sheets. In comparison, E7 is way ahead of its time in terms of intelligent and innovative data management and project reporting.

Tom TheronSenior Project Engineer, Woleebee Creek CPP

Not in my 20 years of construction experience have I ever had such an insight into my projects from a remote location, E7 provides a real time ‘window’ in from anywhere in the world…E7 has really brought our program from paper to life by making it a real part of the daily planning process…Supervisors and engineers are now able to get accurate reporting on productivity that can then be assessed and rationalised where possible. The site team now have a tool that easily records events that affect the project, which are then escalated real time to managers allowing prompt decisions to be made that can mitigate time and cost effects. E7 has been the first tool that has truly allowed us to be able to comply with the short time frames in construction contracts with regards to escalating notices…often on the same day as the event happening! This affords the client the opportunity to mitigate if possible or contribute to a solution almost in real time…E7 is the only software system that offers this sort of data collaboration, there simply isn’t anything else on the market that is able to offer the same features.

Roger NewmanCommercial Manager - Northern Region, McConnell Dowell

E7 introduces the structures and disciplines required to effectively manage a project to achieve the best possible outcome. E7 allows projects to significantly reduce the amount of under claims they would have to carry to due to its event and productivity management ability. This allows projects to earn their profit in ‘real-time’. It would be negligent of us as a company not introduce E7 on our projects.

Garth van BaalenCommercial Manager - Northern Infrastructure, Leighton Contractors