Timesheets and timecards

Construction Project Management Software for Civil, Industrial Infrastructure, Energy and Resources


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  • Provide real-time insight into events, enriched with photos and comments
  • Link events to activities to track the time and cost impacts of delays and variations
  • Classify events for easier management and trend analysis
  • Build a project’s event history, searchable by filters, to support root cause and other analyses
  • Better diagnose repeat issues to minimise future events and drive continual improvement
  • Use insights to improve planning and communication with various project stakeholders
  • Maintain a robust chain of records for variations and claims and to support contractual obligations

The fast, accurate tracking of labour, equipment and materials input on projects underpins profitability. Project performance is influenced by the efficiency and reliability of its most basic system – timesheets. The E7 construction management software and job management software provides simple, efficient time entry with their digital timesheets.

Manual paper or spreadsheet approaches for timesheets reduce data accuracy, verifiability and speed, in turn impacting data-driven insights and decisions. Standalone digital solutions create another point of integration and often reduce the flexibility of data use. E7’s construction timesheet software offers the benefits of digital records, saving time and reducing input errors, while creating a powerful record of the quantum of resources booked against project activities.

When used with E7’s attendance and competency solution, project leaders gain powerful data verification for confident approvals and decision-making.

Mobile timesheet

Capture individual and crew time via a user-friendly mobile or web-based timesheet.

Capture time

Capture time for equipment and other resources in addition to labour using a simple matrix view of resources and work codes.

Powerful reporting tools

Analyse labour breakdowns using powerful reporting tools to identify savings. Generate maps showing photo locations using GPS data.