Progress measurement

Construction Project Management Software for Civil, Industrial Infrastructure, Energy and Resources


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  • Progress measurement using different earned value methods (eg percentage, quantity and tagged item rules-of-credit)
  • Monitor physical progress against project milestones
  • Capture and analyse snapshots as reporting references
  • Rapidly investigate issues or under-performing activities
  • Improve the efficiency of resource management and stakeholder confidence in progress reports
  • Bulk import progress from external systems
  • Track equipment load counts and convert to production quantities
  • Track project progress

With competing demands on most projects, tracking progress at various levels – from teams to disciplines to areas to whole projects – is a common challenge. E7 construction management app and job management software provide easy management of physical progress.

This is compounded when a project has no central daily record of activities against a broader program. E7 enables the daily project progress tracking across a wide range of inputs and metrics, linked to a project’s activities. Through dashboards and reports, leaders gain quick visibility to support efficient and effective decision-making on a progress claim.

When used in conjunction with E7’s timesheets/ timecards solution, and daily cost and production solution, projects gain powerful insight into overall project performance.

Organise project photos

Rapidly capture, caption, geolocate, tag and watermark project photos.

Specific contractor codes

Assign subcontractor time and costs to specific cost codes. Rapidly approve submitted dockets in the field or in the office.

Generate email notifications

Generate email notifications when dockets are received, approved or rejected.