Program schedule/collaboration

Construction Project Management Software for Civil, Industrial Infrastructure, Energy and Resources


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  • Integrate program activities and financial cost codes into a single system
  • Assign ownership for activities to supervisors, engineers and subcontractors
  • Deploy program activities directly to field workforces
  • Directly share project priorities and work dependencies with those delivering the work
  • Gather real-time field updates from project teams and drive collaboration
  • Export actual dates and other data for easy planning system updates

Construction programs are commonly managed by a select few, sharing only small extracts with project engineers and supervisors. E7 construction management app and job management software provides maximum program visibility for entire project teams.

Field updates (eg actual start and finish dates, times taken, costs incurred, events etc) are then manually incorporated back into the program. This creates a bottleneck that relies on a select few, resulting in a program that is disconnected from real delivery. E7 is the only construction platform that directly integrates programs and schedules, safely sharing them with entire project teams – dramatically increasing information sources and opportunities to collaborate, re-prioritise and improve. This effectively harnesses the power of a construction program as a live project resource, not an outdated client document.

Linked to E7’s events and notices solution, projects can easily demonstrate the cause and impact of program delays..

Integrate program data

Integrate program data from P6, MS Project, Aster and other systems to track actual progress.

Track progress

Deploy activities with clear accountability to field teams. Track progress using photos, comments and progress updates.

Review and update

Review and update activities based on a whole-of-project view with the construction schedule.