Events and notices

Construction Project Management Software for Civil, Industrial Infrastructure, Energy and Resources


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  • Provide real-time insight into events, enriched with photos and comments
  • Link events to activities to track the time and cost impacts of delays and variations
  • Classify events for easier management and trend analysis
  • Build a project’s event history, searchable by filters, to support root cause and other analyses
  • Better diagnose repeat issues to minimise future events and drive continual improvement
  • Use insights to improve planning and communication with various project stakeholders
  • Maintain a robust chain of records for variations and claims and to support contractual obligations

Unplanned events are part of project life. What sets high-performing projects apart is the way they manage events, turning challenges into learnings and improvements, and fast-tracking resolutions.

When a project has no formalised system, it relies on individuals to identify and process issues and impacts. This creates vulnerability for immediate issues management and impedes wider project visibility of recurring or major issues.

E7’s mobile event capture form places responsibility as close to the action as possible, enabling any team member to record events in real-time and set in motion a clear, defined workflow, best positioning projects to stay on track.

Linking events via E7’s program/schedule collaboration solution enables planned and unplanned work to be separated, providing insight into systemic productivity issues.

Mobile event form

Capture details using the simple mobile event form.

Fast-track resolution

Notify supervisors and managers immediately to fast-track resolution. Record labour, equipment and/or materials associated with an event.

Automatic notices

Generate automatic notices for clients and other stakeholders and track due dates over time.