Daily cost and production

Construction Project Management Software for Civil, Industrial Infrastructure, Energy and Resources


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  • Capture costs and progress in the field for fast project feedback
  • Monitor and report on daily costs and production rates against targets in real-time
  • Break down performance into disciplines, locations and more for finer analysis and monitoring
  • Use visual reporting to manage cost variances and improve performance
  • Enable resource optimisation and identify under-utilisation through detailed analytics
  • Improve cost forecasting using historical performance and trending tools

Dispersed project teams working in disconnected, error-prone and laborious spreadsheets prevent accurate, daily visibility of project performance. E7 construction management app and job management software provide project Management Software for infrastructure, Mining and Construction.

As those spreadsheets typically can’t handle detailed, granular data, and aren’t centralised, they hinder efficient insight, collaboration and easy multi-team analysis. E7 is a construction cost management software that offers real-time cost and production rates within an integrated system unique in the construction sector. It overcomes manual spreadsheet weaknesses and end-of-month reporting delays, enabling engineers and managers to analyse and report on real-time results. This early feedback frees them to plan, optimise and manage costs, progress and performance – and make course corrections and improvements to ensure targets are achieved.

Combined with a project’s cost management and forecasting systems, E7 tracks actuals to budgets and a project’s expected position and provides daily trend insights to improve forecasting.

Mobilise project teams

Mobilise project teams to capture field data.

Chart production rates

Monitor daily production rates and quantities. Chart daily production rates against targets.

Analyse and report

Analyse and report on daily production rates and variance from targets.