Field-based construction delivery solutions.


E7 is the leading field-based construction delivery platform, connecting project leaders with real-time insights and providing unparalleled visibility of project performance. With daily clear line of sight, E7 fills the gap between each end-of-month financial reporting cycle.

  • Construction-specific features capture daily diaries, unplanned events, timesheets, dockets, costs and progress. The shortest cycle time for project feedback.
  • Simple mobile and web interfaces turn ad hoc, manual processes into standardised, digital ones, mobilising those closest to the work.
  • With unlimited users, and controlled client and subcontractor access, E7 harnesses a project’s full network, gathering the most up-to-date project insights and supporting collaboration in one platform.
  • Easy integration with other enterprise systems (eg financial, planning, HR, BIM, GIS), and continual data use and refinement, further ensure the highest quality daily and weekly reports with less effort and fewer resources.
  • E7 is the leading field-based construction delivery platform, connecting project leaders with real-time insights and providing unparalleled visibility of project performance.

Earned value / performance management

Projects typically rely on each discipline running their own manual earned value and performance calculations in spreadsheets.

This siloed, unwieldy and inconsistent data makes project-wide weekly and monthly reporting time-consuming and vulnerable to errors. E7 provides a standardised, disciplined approach to earned value and performance management that integrates with planning and cost management systems for further benefit. It gives teams a central system to collect rich labour timesheets and progress data.


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Daily cost and production

Dispersed project teams working in disconnected, error-prone and labourious spreadsheets prevent accurate, daily visibility of project performance.

As those spreadsheets typically can’t handle detailed, granular data, and aren’t centralised, they hinder efficient insight, collaboration and easy, multi-team analysis. E7 captures real-time cost and production rates within an integrated system unique in the construction sector. It overcomes manual spreadsheet weaknesses and end-of-month reporting delays, enabling engineers and managers to analyse and report on real-time results.


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Progress measurement

With competing demands on most projects, tracking progress at various levels – from teams to disciplines to areas to whole projects – is a common challenge.

This is compounded when a project has no central daily record of activities against a broader program. E7 enables the daily tracking of progress across a wide range of inputs and metrics, linked to a project’s activities. Through dashboards and reports, leaders gain quick visibility to support efficient and effective decision-making.


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Progress claim verification

For lump sum and schedule-of-rates projects, data that verifies progress claims has traditionally been captured in siloed spreadsheets, requiring significant manual effort to maintain, share and reconcile records.

E7 supports the clear, indisputable and efficient verification of subcontractor claims. Actual progress is captured and assessed through standardised workflows, giving certainty and transparency to contractors and subcontractors.


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Program / schedule collaboration

Construction programs are commonly managed by a select few, sharing only small extracts with project engineers and supervisors.

Field updates (e.g. actual start and finish dates, time taken, costs incurred, events etc) are then manually incorporated back into the program. This creates a bottleneck that relies on that select few, resulting in a program that is disconnected from real delivery. E7 is the only construction platform that directly integrates programs, safely sharing them with entire project teams – dramatically increasing information sources and opportunities to collaborate, re-prioritise and improve. This effectively harnesses the power of a construction program as a live project resource, not an outdated client document.


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Events and notices

Unplanned events are part of project life. What sets high-performing projects apart is the way they manage events, turning challenges into learnings and improvements, and fast-tracking resolutions.

When a project has no formalised system, it relies on individuals to identify and process issues and impacts. This creates vulnerability for immediate issues management and impedes wider project visibility of recurring or major issues. E7’s mobile event capture form places responsibility as close to the action as possible, enabling any team member to record events in real-time and set in motion a clear, defined workflow, best positioning projects to stay on track.


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Photo management

Projects traditionally gather photos from multiple sources, requiring effort to extract them for central storage.

This creates double-handling for project teams as they manually search for, and use images. Ultimately, this limits their value and impacts the critical role of photos as evidence for client reports, claims, subcontractor management, progress tracking on large sites and more. E7 enables a disciplined approach to project photos. Once taken, they are linked immediately to activities, events or tasks, creating traceability and searchability for the life of a project. This turns photos into readily-usable assets for reports and other key project documents.


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Daily diaries and reports

Daily visibility is critical to managing task and wider project performance, and to rapidly addressing problems as they emerge to protect the critical path and project profitability.

Paper diaries create administrative burden, place a damaging gap between project leaders and project insight, and result in a ‘loss’ of data with no searchability. E7 provides a standardised solution and central source for daily records that are otherwise difficult and time-consuming to extract from paper diaries. Even compared to other electronic diary solutions, E7’s advantage comes from fully integrated data, providing rapid access to a rolled-up view of project activities.


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Time sheets and time cards

The fast, accurate tracking of labour, equipment and materials input on projects underpins profitability.

Project performance is influenced by the efficiency and reliability of its most basic system – timesheets. Manual paper or spreadsheet approaches for timesheets reduce data accuracy, verifiability and speed, in turn impacting data-driven insights and decisions. Standalone digital solutions create another point of integration and often reduce the flexibility of data use. E7’s timesheets solution offers the benefits of digital records, saving time and reducing input errors while creating a powerful record of the quantum of resources booked against project activities.


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Attendance and competency

The efficient, accurate management of large workforces impacts project productivity and profitability.

Tracking workforce labour lies at the core – and the way that is delivered can be a major lever to success. Paper sign-on sheets offer flexibility but generate extreme volumes of manual processing, double-handling and data risks. Large, fixed electronic installations offer digitisation but at a premium with reduced flexibility and mobility. E7 uses existing hardware, paired with E7 mobile, to enable supervisors to scan in their crews from anywhere in the field, or projects can create easy mobile kiosks. The result – real-time, reliable, searchable data. 

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Subcontractor dockets

Subcontractors are vital to project resourcing, productivity and profitability.

However, subcontractor paper dockets create entry inefficiencies, administrative burden and filing delays. The manual paper process, in turn, can significantly impact the accuracy and timeliness of project records. E7’s electronic solution enables flexible mobile docket capture by subcontractors, with data immediately allocated to appropriate cost codes. This streamlined process improves accuracy and responsiveness and delivers a win for all project parties.


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Plant and equipment tracking

Plant and equipment availability and productivity are central to project performance and profitability and yet are commonly managed via spreadsheet registers and plant managers using highly manual processes.

This creates a disconnect between costs (overhead or hire) and field use. It also reduces the ability to quickly identify under-performance or efficiency opportunities. E7 makes it easy to track plant and equipment to minimise idle or poorly utilised plant, improve use and identify savings.


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