On a daily basis, we have over 40 inspectors and site engineers collecting data in the field relating to construction progress, resource usage and significant events. E7 has allowed us to streamline our previous data collection and diary production processes, in a single, easy-to-use app that operates on a mobile phone, iPad and laptops, and provides our contract administrators with highly accurate and factual site information to create ‘as-built’ programs, assess complex contractual claims, and analyse the impact of delays to a project.

Mike Bryett
Manager Infrastructure Delivery, GHD

Before E7, I used to do the monthly claims in Excel, however when WASCO grew it was clear this was not working anymore. E7 has now replaced our old systems and combined them into one integrated system. Our crew in the field love it and refer to it as the “Facebook for projects”. Now I can run reports simply, easily check the data and make any changes I need. Everything is accurate and the client is seeing it in real-time, so there are no disputes at the end of the claims, and our claims are being approved a lot more quickly

When tendering for a client who we had previously worked for, we were asked to provide evidence of how we are going to improve our project controls. At that point we had already onboarded E7, so we showed them a demo of how it works and what sort of reporting they would get out of it. They loved it, and they said that that was a massive contributing factor to us winning the work

Emily Guy
Project Coordinator, Wasco

Having worked with the team at E7 before, I know the power that their software brings to the ability to manage the performance of a project against schedule and cost in real-time.

With E7, we’re able to have 70 people in the spreadsheet entering time and progress at the same time. That’s something that we can’t do with other programs.
I can also run reports and analyse data at the click of a button and ensure that we are on track against our program and metrics.

Michael Taylor
CYP Design & Construction’s M&E and Rail Systems Technical Managert

E7 opens up different communication, reporting and decision-making avenues for people like construction managers, project managers and engineers. It’s a lot easier for them to see how well they are performing and whether they need to up their game. That wouldn’t have been available in the past without days or weeks of analysis – and by then, the information would be outdated. With E7, as long as your data is current, you have a snapshot in seconds of where you sit as a project.

Brendan McGuckin
Commercial Manager, MPC Group

A strong management decision to support the use of a single point of truth being E7 has created a stable data set, helping to promote a ‘best for project’ culture. The project team could make fast and supportable decisions to exploit the opportunities a ‘production line’ approach with the adoption using lean construction techniques.

Chris Barber
Project Services Manager, QCLNG Upstream Project

This is the greatest access we’ve had to real-time, accurate performance information to enable quality, value-adding decision-making. We’ve seen significant, measurable improvements in efficiency and productivity, which has led to cost and schedule benefits on our project.

Grant Puttergill
Project Controls Manager QCLNG Upstream Main Works Project

Not in my 20 years of construction experience have I ever had such an insight into my projects from a remote location, E7 provides a real time ‘window’ in from anywhere in the world…E7 has really brought our program from paper to life by making it a real part of the daily planning process…Supervisors and engineers are now able to get accurate reporting on productivity that can then be assessed and rationalised where possible. The site team now have a tool that easily records events that affect the project, which are then escalated real time to managers allowing prompt decisions to be made that can mitigate time and cost effects. E7 has been the first tool that has truly allowed us to be able to comply with the short time frames in construction contracts with regards to escalating notices…often on the same day as the event happening! This affords the client the opportunity to mitigate if possible or contribute to a solution almost in real time…E7 is the only software system that offers this sort of data collaboration, there simply isn’t anything else on the market that is able to offer the same features.

Roger Newman
Commercial Manager – Northern Region, McConnell Dowell