Technical Specifications

E7 is offered as a fully managed service and requires minimal involvement from corporate ICT services. E7 offers comprehensive implementation support with experienced implementation engineers to ensure clients best leverage E7’s many benefits. Core system requirements are detailed below. Please contact our team for further information.

Supported Browsers
We recommend using the latest version of a modern internet browser for the best performance. Older browser versions may work, but may not be supported.

Supported mobile devices
We support iOS, Android and Windows-based mobile devices. Support is provided for devices typically less than 3 years in age running the latest version of the operating system.

Older devices may work, but may not be supported.

Network connectivity
E7’s mobile app works online and offline so users can continue working without network connectivity. We recommend using mobile networks (3G, 4G, WiFi) in the field and high-speed internet access in project offices. The following are recommended minimums, however, E7 will still function at levels below these values.



Connectivity Minimum
Download > 5 Mbps
Upload > 2 Mbps
Response time to client E7 instance < 250ms
Backup, storage and recovery
The integrity and security of your data are paramount. Backups of project data are captured hourly and retained for the life of the project for all clients. These backups are stored securely within the Amazon S3 infrastructure in either Australia or the United States. Recovery from a backup can be completed in less than 1 hour on request (charged additionally).
Data ownership and retention
Our clients retain ownership of all uploaded and created data within E7. E7 allows easy download of project snapshots and analytic data exports for storage elsewhere – as frequently as desired. Projects can be archived for easy recall on request once a project has finished. At the end of a project, data and assets can be exported as a series of .csv files with a ZIP file of uploaded assets (eg photos, documents) and generated assets (eg reports, notices).

External system integration
E7 includes a fully documented ReSTful API and a custom API for specific external system integrations. Many integrations already exist for external systems including planning, finance, document control, correspondence, building information management (BIM) and geographic information systems (GIS).
Release and update cycle
To ensure ongoing compatibility with changing web browsers and mobile operating systems, we constantly update E7, releasing these updates weekly.

In addition to security updates for web and mobile platforms, and any defect fixes, we also add incremental functional enhancements to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

  • Most updates involve zero downtime.

  • Updates that do require downtime are completed outside of business hours or on negotiation with clients to minimise disruption
The availability and performance of E7 is continuously monitored. We are proud of our availability record, which typically exceeds 99.95% including planned maintenance and release activities (over a 12-month period).
Security and encryption
All connections with E7 include transport layer security using HTTPS.
More information
Please contact our support team to discuss specific technical details.