Our in-house technical support team manages our range of support services to ensure projects gain real benefits and remain up-and-running across all of E7’s features. We include comprehensive support within our standard subscription charges.

Included comprehensive support
An E7 subscription includes a comprehensive support package:

  • Phone support during standard business hours. Contact us to speak directly with a technical team member for advice on usage, implementation/configuration or any other technical query.

  • Email support via tickets raised for questions or issues, with a response time assured during standard business hours.

  • Online help system including support documentation, downloads, training videos, tools and much more.

  • Continuous automated monitoring of system availability, performance and backup to ensure maximum up-time.

  • Proactive account management including regular reviews of E7 usage, project health and data quality.
Additional support options
In addition to the comprehensive support services included with subscriptions, clients can purchase:

  • Weekend support including access to phone and email support on Saturdays and Sundays (standard working hours)

  • 24×7 support including access to phone and email support 24-hours per day, every day

These additional support options are available as an extension to the subscription fee.

Contact us
For more information on our support packages, please contact our team today.