Understanding Spreadsheets Risks

Spreadsheets emerged during the 1980s and have since become the industry standard for data entry, analysis and reporting.

Research shows that over 90% of spreadsheets (with more than 150 rows) contained errors and 23% contained serious errors. This is because it is very difficult to find and fix calculation errors. Hence errors are commonplace, but still, administrators, engineers and managers rely upon them for everyday work – even when alternatives exist.

Construction projects typically use 100s of individual spreadsheets on a daily and weekly basis. These are typically copied from one project to another and include:

• Subcontractor management spreadsheets
• Timesheet spreadsheets
• HMI spreadsheets
• Plant tracking spreadsheets
• Labour hour tracking spreadsheets
• Records tracking spreadsheets
• Progress tracking spreadsheets
• Material haulage spreadsheets
• Cost report spreadsheets
• Quantity tracking spreadsheets
• Comparison spreadsheets

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