Case Studies

APLNG Collaborative Well Delivery program

Origin’s APLNG Collaborative Well Delivery program is led by CPB Contractors. Their team of more than 1,000 gas gathering delivery experts are working across four gas fields to bring wells online faster than ever before. The program features more than 20 individual jobs, ranging from $2 million to $90 million each. After four successful years of program delivery, the team introduced E7 to help reach their next level of improvement.

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MPC Kinetic QGC Surat North

MPC Kinetic built two trunklines as part of the major QGC Surat North Project from 2016 to 2017. Led by QGC, E7 had been selected as the central project management system for use by contractors and their subcontractors. This resulted in three project delivery parties directly using Envision to collaborate on the delivery of the trunklines. MPC Kinetic deployed E7’s full suite of features, with a focus on work planning, progress and cost capture, daily diary creation, change management, and ongoing productivity reporting.

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eBooks & Papers

Understanding Spread Sheet Risks

Spreadsheets are almost ubiquitous within the construction industry. Without spreadsheets most construction projects could not function and for good reason, because spreadsheets offer some powerful benefits and most construction project professionals would consider them a vital tool. Unfortunately, the benefits and features of spreadsheets are the very reason they represent a huge risk to reliable data management. This eBook discusses the vulnerabilities of Spreadsheets and how you can avoid your exposure in using them.

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