Solutions for Industrial Owners and EPCM Contractors


Many of the Owners and EPCM Contractors across industry state they have real-time insight into project performance based on reporting connected to their planning and cost systems. The challenge is that these systems are typically updated on a monthly cycle and therefore real-time insight actually becomes “real-time insight” … once a month.

This results in a Time to Decision that is far too long to be of maximum benefit, and in many cases, the opportunity to influence corrective action is lost or greatly reduced. By reducing the Time to Decision, Owners and EPCMs are able to quickly analyze information from the field, assess mitigation opportunities, implement corrective actions and update the Planning and Cost Management systems with accurate, up-to-date information.

E7 provides Owners and EPCM Contractors with a digital collaboration platform into which Construction Contractors publish performance data deliverables, providing a daily clear line of sight of status and performance across an entire project, greatly assisting with the continuous planning and execution of works.

As a result, E7 minimises the risk of cost and time overruns, acting as a trusted source of truth, creating transparency where good news is bad news fast rather than late surprises.


  • Clear line of sight on project performance
  • Contractor collaboration – setting up for success
  • Learning and Benchmarking through Contractor Collaboration
    • Retaining learnings and knowledge and cross-project comparisons
    • Data for supporting future AI and Machine Learning capabilities