Solutions for Industrial Contractors

E7 provides Industrial Contractors with a daily clear line of sight of status and performance across an entire project, greatly assisting with the continuous planning and execution of works. E7 minimises the risk of cost and time overruns, acting as a trusted source of truth, creating transparency where good news is bad news fast rather than late surprises.


Clear line of sight on project performance


Real-time project visibility and transparency, all of the time.

E7 provides real-time performance tracking, giving project and organisation leaders a clear line of sight across all aspects of a project.

We support best practice methodologies such as Advanced Work Packaging, and robust rules of credit progress measurement so that performance can be tracked and analysed, enabling variances to be identified and corrected before they become unpleasant and costly surprises.

A best in class field timesheet/timecard solution allows the allocation of labour and equipment to activities and events to enable labour performance reporting. With robust approval workflows and the ability to utilise as an input to payroll solutions it significantly reduces administration overhead.


Leadership peace of mind


Total confidence that your project team is set up for success.

When a project is 20% complete, it is almost impossible to change its trajectory, and remedial action requires massive spend to try and mitigate an overrunning schedule.

E7 creates lean, efficient project teams that are set-up for success. Through active monitoring and analysis, the performance of a project team can be continually evaluated, to give you confidence that everyone is performing their role in line with expectations.

In addition, total transparency means that actions can be taken to support teams as they deliver major works. E7 provides complete peace of mind that a project is on track.


Driving commercial success


Ensuring management and control of commercial performance.

E7 identifies and tracks change events, recording the information needed to be the single source of trusted data that supports the quantification of the impact of change and disruption.

This means that delay or disruption claims can be simply and accurately verified; avoiding reputational damage as well as costly and time-consuming litigation.

Through E7 project performance is controlled and maximised to reduce waste and delay and boost productivity and profitability.


Data modelling and analytics

Powerful, insightful analytics at the touch of a button.

E7 provides a rich standardised data model across projects that enables deep business intelligence data insights either within E7 or when leveraged into Corporate BI reporting data sources. This enables insights from either a project or portfolio level starting at the project level down to individual activity level.

User adoption insights are also available to provide governance peace of mind and to enable visibilities of projects that require adoption coaching and support.

Dashboards and reporting

Standardised and powerful dashboards and reports provide information when you need it.

Interactive dashboards and reports are built around E7 standardised data model that can be filtered drilled into based on user preferences.

E7 has out of the box standardised dashboards and reports based on continuous industry feedback that leverage over 100 defined reporting codes aligned with industry standards.

Corporate BI integration

The perfect partner for your corporate systems.

Utilise E7 as a data source within your companies wider Business Intelligence reporting strategy to build your own customised dashboards leveraging the E7 analytics data model.

Solutions and benefits

Performance Management


  • Earned Value / performance management
Earned value / performance management
The central system for rich labour and progress data collection

Projects typically rely on each discipline running their own manual earned value and performance calculations in spreadsheets. This siloed, unwieldy and inconsistent data makes project-wide weekly and monthly reporting time-consuming and vulnerable to errors. E7 provides a standardised, disciplined approach to earned value and performance management that integrates with planning and cost management systems for further benefit. It gives teams a central system to collect rich labour timesheets and progress data.

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  • Progress measurement
  • Progress claim verification
Progress measurement
Fast, accurate visibility supporting efficient and effective decision making

With competing demands on most projects, tracking progress at various levels – from teams to disciplines to areas to whole projects – is a common challenge. This is compounded when a project has no central daily record of activities against a broader program. E7 enables the daily tracking of progress across a wide range of inputs and metrics, linked to a project’s activities. Through dashboards and reports, leaders gain quick visibility to support efficient and effective decision-making.

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Progess claim verification
Certainty and transparency for contractor and subcontractor progress.

For lump sum and schedule-of-rates projects, data that verifies progress claims has traditionally been captured in siloed spreadsheets, requiring significant manual effort to maintain, share and reconcile records. E7 supports the clear, indisputable and efficient verification of subcontractor claims. Actual progress is captured and assessed through standardised workflows, giving certainty and transparency to contractors and subcontractors.

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Project delivery


  • Progress / schedule collaboration
  • Advance work packaging
Progress / schedule collaboration
Harnessing the power of a construction program as a live resource, not an outdated client document

E7 rewrites the rulebook on collaborations, providing the data, insights and tools needed to support high performing project teams. E7 is the only construction platform that directly integrates programs, safely sharing them with entire project teams – dramatically increasing information sources and opportunities to collaborate, re-prioritise and improve. This effectively harnesses the power of a construction program as a live project resource, not an outdated client document.

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Advanced work packaging
Accurate, up-to-date progress measurement and risk mitigation.

Advanced Work Packaging and Work Face Planning rely upon accurate up-to-date information for execution of the construction process. Without daily input from field activities, the management of packaged work is relegated to ad-hoc progress updates for which packages can be efficiently issued to the field. With daily clear line of sight into the path of construction, E7 delivers the real-time field data into the IWP lifecycle for accurate, up-to-date progress measurement and risk mitigation.

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Site records


  • Events and notices
  • Photo management
  • Daily diaries and reports
Events and notices
Clearly see the impact of change

E7’s mobile event capture form places responsibility as close to the action as possible, enabling any team member to record events in real-time and set in motion a clear, defined workflow, best positioning projects to stay on track. Resource time can immediately be allocated to Events to clearly show the impact of change.

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Photo management
Create readily-usable assets for reports and other key project documents.

E7 enables a disciplined approach to project photos. Once taken, they are linked immediately to activities, events or tasks, creating traceability and searchability for the life of a project. This turns photos into readily-usable assets for reports and other key project documents.

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Daily diaries and reports
Consolidated field insight and daily visibility

Paper diaries create an administrative burden, place a damaging gap between project leaders and project insight, and result in a ‘loss’ of data with no searchability. E7 provides a standardised solution and central source for daily records designed for use in real-time construction management. It removes the mess of multiple spreadsheets or paper diaries. This instantaneous tracking lets engineers and managers better monitor occurring work. Even compared to other electronic diary solutions, E7’s advantage comes from fully integrated data, providing rapid access to a rolled-up view of project activities.

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Resource management


  • Timesheets / timecards
  • Attendance and competency
Timesheets / timecards
Instant feedback of daily performance.

The fast, accurate tracking of labour, equipment and materials input on projects underpins profitability. E7’s timesheets solution offers the benefits of digital records, saving time and reducing input errors while creating a powerful record of the quantum of resources booked against project activities. It allows instant feedback of daily performance to enable early identification of performance challenges to support better management decision making.

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Attendance and competency
Real-time, reliable, searchable persons-on-board data.

The efficient, accurate management of large workforces impacts project productivity and profitability. E7 uses existing hardware, paired with E7 mobile, to enable supervisors to scan in their crews from anywhere in the field, or projects can create easy mobile kiosks. The result – real-time, reliable, searchable persons onboard data.

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Case Study

Queensland Curtis LNG project

Queensland Curtis LNG (QCLNG) is the world’s first project to turn gas from coal seams into liquefied natural gas (LNG) and is one of Australia’s largest capital infrastructure projects.

E7 was used daily, across the majority of the QCLNG project, as the single source of truth for making key decisions that affected project delivery, including schedule and cost.

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Cloud based

No matter a project’s location, E7 is here to help.

E7 is a software as a service solution which means that on desktop, tablet or mobile, our software is available whenever and wherever a project team is based, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Dedicated support

Wherever a project is located, our support teams are ready to help.

From training teams on remote worksites to dedicated local support, we ensure that our software is available, accessible and fully embedded across every area of a project.

Offline operation

When communications are not possible, E7 performs.

Remote synchronisation means that data can be captured and stored offline and synchronised back to the project when communications are available.

Suite of integration APIs

Seamless integration with Corporate Systems.

E7 is available all the time, in any location and across any platform, and our commitment to inhouse or corporate systems ensures a seamless flow of data and insights.