Meet Lachlan Pitts

Meet Lachlan Pitts Principal Software Engineer Lachlan is a long-term practitioner in the field of software development and brings extensive knowledge and experience from his diverse roles in the industry. Since 2012, Lachlan has been responsible for developing, maintaining and extending the datastores that drive the engine behind E7. We caught up with Lachlan to […]

Progress Capture: “Real-Time” Reporting – Once a Month

Progress Capture: “Real-Time” Reporting – Once a Month Progress Management relies on information; information provided through field reporting, one of the main pillars for the success of every project in construction. Everyone on site is part of the reporting process with all tasks and activities intricately connected. The slightest delay in one task can have […]

Time to Decision Matters

Time To Decision Matters Making good business decisions is a critical part of every project’s well-being. In a McKinsey Global Survey on the topic, only 20 per cent of respondents say their organizations excel at decision making. Further, a majority say much of the time they devote to decision making is used ineffectively.

Minimising Person-Person Contact with Subcontractor Dockets

Since the beginning of COVID-19, the remote collaboration capabilities of E7 have become more valuable than ever. 

This is because complete project visibility for remotely operating teams is at the core of what we offer for our client’s projects. Instead of heading out to site to get an accurate picture of project progress and management, project teams can make confident, informed decisions from the valuable real-time data that E7’s digital platform offers. 

E7’s Subcontractor Docket capability, in particular, has the ability to not only increase the accuracy and timeliness of your project records but also to significantly minimise contact between all personnel involved directly supporting COVID-19 restricted working practices while improving efficiency and reducing manual handling and data entry.

A paper docket could be handled by several people – the deliverer, the employee accepting the delivery, a project supervisor, administration team, and so on. Another factor to take into account the sharing of pens and the actual physical contact that often comes into play; usually on multiple occasions each and every day. This is an inefficient process at the best of times, and with social distancing recommendations, this becomes even more unsustainable.

Instead, our Subcontractor Docket capability turns this paper-based process into an entirely digital one. Subcontractors submit their daily dockets digitally via computer or mobile device, which are then sent directly to supervisors for fast review, cost code allocation and approval/rejection. With this information captured, you also have the capability to generate robust records of costs to improve budget management and have a real-time view of costs, materials and resources. 

However, this capability is only one of the many integrated features that E7 offers for strengthening project performance and minimising physical contact. Other digital solutions such as attendance and competency and timesheets/timecards also reduce the staff needed onsite, minimise the need for direct contact, and allow for more streamlined, paperless processes. Check out the full list of solutions our platform provides here

If you are an existing client who is not already taking advantage of this service, get in touch to discuss how we can incorporate this into your package. If you are a new client wanting to hear about how E7’s digital capabilities can increase your project performance, contact us here

E7 – Our New Name

E7 – Our New Name Envision is a fantastic name, but not for every market we operate in. As we’ve secured more and more projects across the globe, we’ve realised we need to change, to make our name more accessible and universal across borders and languages. Moving forward, we will now operate as E7.

E7 Excels For Metro Tunnel Design Phase

E7 Excels For Metro Tunnel Design Phase When delivering 100 mechanical, electrical and rail systems design packages for the largest public transport infrastructure project in Victoria’s history, a spreadsheet reporting system is needed that goes beyond traditional programs.

Delivery Continues Despite Restricted Working

Restricted Working Unrestricted Service For Envision’s Delivery and Success Team, travelling the world to some of the most remote work sites has been part and parcel of the daily lives of Christine Knappstein, Luke Read, Phill Wheeler, and the team as they implement Envision for clients and train users on how to best adopt and […]

Coronavirus COVID-19 Response

Coronavirus COVID-19 Response As a client, user or stakeholder of Envision, we hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well during the current Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. We thought it appropriate to provide you with an operational update, as like you, we have many questions about how we, our clients and partners, will […]

Envision selected by Wood to support the delivery of $1.3bn Lithium Hydroxide Plant

Envision selected by Wood to support the delivery of $1.3bn Lithium Hydroxide Plant Wood has appointed Envision to act as the single source of site data as they commence work on one of Australia’s most significant resources projects; a $1.3bn Lithium Hydroxide (LiOH) Conversion Plant. Located approximately 160 kilometres south of Perth, near the port […]

Rebuilding Communities After Disaster

Rebuilding Communities After Disaster One of the things we are most proud of at Envision is the work that our team do outside of their day jobs, supporting technology events, not-for-profit organisations and in the case of Bernhard Budiono, being on the ground helping communities recover after a natural disaster.