E7 Team

E7 is an Australian software and technology company that specialises in practical engineering innovation for construction clients in the infrastructure, resources and energy sectors. We leverage Lean and Agile principles and practices to deliver solutions that can be adapted to the evolving demands of the construction industry.

E7 Founders

Hugh Hofmeister

Chief Executive Officer

Hugh is a co-founder of E7 and leads its vision and business strategy. Having previously held client and consultancy engineering roles, Hugh’s priority is aligning E7’s offer to the evolving needs and practices of the construction sector. He is passionate about creating tailored, real-time solutions that improve the productivity and quality of project delivery.

Dr Adrian Smith

Chief Technology Officer

Adrian is a co-founder of E7 and leads its ongoing development to ensure E7 stays at the forefront of construction industry technology advancements. He is a sought-after specialist in the application of Agile and Lean principles and practices in software engineering and business technology, and is recognised as a leader in Lean Construction nationally.

Key team members

John Whitmire

Head of North American Operations

John joined us in March 2020 to lead our North American operations. With over 20 years of experience in the engineering, design and deployment of software systems across the construction, infrastructure and resources sectors, John brings unrivalled expertise and experience to E7. Based in Huntsville, Alabama, John will utilise his significant skill set and market knowledge to ensure that our clients achieve exceptional outcomes across the design, development and delivery of construction projects using industry best practices such as Advanced Work Packaging and Work Face Planning.

Nate Kane

Head of Engineering

Nate has been with E7 from its earliest days and, today, oversees the development team. With E7 regularly releasing feature improvements, including automation capabilities, Nate looks after planning, organising and prioritising the overall development roadmap. Central to his work is the management of ongoing maintenance alongside new development workflows.

Christine Knappstein

Head of Delivery and Success

Christine is an IT project management professional with 20 years of experience in managing systems implementations for organisations across various industries. At E7, Christine leads the Delivery and Success team and is responsible for implementing best practice project management across client E7 implementations with a focus on ensuring clients achieve their objectives and ultimate success.

Kirk Kulbe

Strategic Business Development Manager


Kirk is an experienced marketing and business development professional with a strong history of connecting engineering and resources companies with enterprise solutions. He is responsible for leading E7’s market positioning and client engagement. Kirk thrives on helping clients achieve maximum value through quality solutions and continual improvement.

Trevor Mogg

Strategic Business Development Manager


With over 20 years of experience in the effective implementation of enterprise technology solutions across Australia and the Asia-Pacific, Trevor Mogg has a proven track record of success delivering complex projects for the benefit of users and their operations in the energy, resources, industrial and infrastructure sectors.

Luke Read

Delivery and Success Manager

Luke offers a strong background in customer service and implementing high-value software solutions for clients. At E7, he is responsible for guiding the right match of E7’s solutions to project requirements. Luke also provides project leaders with ongoing account management support to ensure they are positioned to gain maximum value.

Phil Wheeler

Delivery and Success Manager

Phil is an IT professional with extensive experience in delivering systems for construction and resources projects. With a passion for construction, Phil is highly skilled in helping projects adopt technology to achieve better performance, drawing on his strong outcomes-driven focus. He takes a hands-on, consultative approach to training and client engagement.

Bernhard Budiono

Senior Project Engineer

Bernhard has a diverse construction background and passion for technology. As a systems implementation expert, Bernhard uses his extensive experience in site engineering roles to tailor E7’s solutions to each client and project, setting them up for success. His role spans implementation design and delivery, project controls, client engagement and training.

Matt Titmarsh

Project Engineer

Matt is an implementation engineer with specialist skills in the construction industry. He played a lead role in introducing E7 on a major construction project as an embedded team member. Since then, Matt has built on his practical project insight to fast-track the effective implementation of E7 as a central source for managing daily project data and reporting.

Lachlan Pitts

Principal Software Engineer


Lachlan has been with E7 for many years, bringing extensive experience from diverse roles spanning government departments through to software start-ups – across network administration and software development. Lachlan is currently focused on developing, maintaining and extending the databases that drive the engine behind E7.

Jason Weathered

Technical Architect & Principle Software Engineer


Jason has been with E7 since its inception. Known as something of a coding genius, Jason is responsible for major feature development and overall application architecture for web and mobile. This includes the continual improvement of E7’s automation features and wider usability to ensure clients enjoy the best of flexibility, certainty and safety.

Adam Hardiman

Senior Software Engineer


Adam has been with E7 for several years, using his wide-ranging experience across diverse web and mobile technologies to maintain E7’s field-based technology leadership. He is a software development expert with skills across a broad range of development platforms. He leverages cutting-edge web and mobile technologies to build scalable and reliable systems.

Jonathon Abbott

Principal Software Engineer


Jon is a skilled member of E7’s development team. He strives to empower the team to continually and efficiently deliver value for clients and other project stakeholders. Jon offers a diversity of experience in leading-edge web development, with a focus on distributed systems architecture and implementation, and domain-driven design.

Jared Sharplin

Software Engineer

Holding a Bachelor of Engineering (Software Major) from UQ, Jared joined E7 in December 2016 to aide the development of our mobile platform. A key member of E7’s development team, Jared, supports the continuous enhancement of our software across all platforms.

Luke Titmarsh

Delivery Engineer

As a core member of the Delivery and Success Team, Luke is responsible for ensuring that our clients gain maximum benefit from their adoption of E7. A Mechanical Engineer by profession Luke uses his industry knowledge and expertise to support the implementation of E7 for clients at their sites across metropolitan and regional Australia.

Dominic Hefferan

Technical Writer

With experience as a writer and content creator in both government and commercial roles, Dominic now develops a wide variety of collateral for E7. Whether it’s instructional guides, communications, or even animations, he works to ensure our information is always presented in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.

Sergey Aksyutin

Senior Software Engineer


Sergey started programming at age 7 when his brother brought home a ZX Spectrum. Since then he has been developing solutions with a focus on a deep understanding of the domain and simple solutions.

Ba Dang

Strategic Delivery and Success Manager


Ba Dang has a wealth of experience in project controls for both contractors and owners.

Mridul Dutt

Strategic Delivery and Success Manager


Mridul has managed multi-million-dollar international projects across nuclear power, oil & gas, mining and infrastructure projects. Whilst managing a team his focus was to manage client expectation by providing economical and innovative solutions on some large complex projects. His experience adapting to multiple environment provided him the skills to challenge conventional thinking and use innovative techniques to achieve results and deliver real impact.