E7 is the leading field-based construction delivery platform, connecting project leaders with real-time insights and providing unparalleled visibility of project performance. With daily clear line of sight, E7 fills the gap between each end-of-month financial reporting cycle.

Construction-specific features capture daily diaries, unplanned events, timesheets, dockets, costs and progress, providing the shortest cycle time for project feedback. Just one advantage is bringing small issues to the surface via daily work cycles, rather than letting them build into major problems found one or two end-of-month cycles later.

Simple mobile and web interfaces turn ad hoc, manual processes into standardised, digital ones, mobilising those closest to the work. With unlimited users, and controlled client and subcontractor access, E7 harnesses a project’s full network, gathering the most up-to-date project insights and supporting collaboration in one platform. In turn, project leaders win back precious time to focus where it counts the most – driving better performance.

For daily and weekly project insight, there’s no equivalent in the market. As the fastest available construction feedback platform, E7 enables project teams to make confident, informed decisions based on real-time data. Easy integration with other enterprise systems (eg financial, planning, HR, BIM, GIS), and continual data use and refinement, further ensure the highest quality daily and weekly reports with less effort and fewer resources.

E7 has been deployed on more than 350 projects to date, valued at more than $50B collectively. Our clients span the civil, industrial infrastructure, energy and resources sectors, including Wood Group, Clough, CPB Contractors, Downer, LendLease, John Holland, MPC Kinetic, UGL, Sedgman and Monadelphous. For each client, we adapt E7 to match company and project needs.