Commercial Claims are a part of any construction project, and owners and contractors of many construction sites across the Energy, Oil & Gas, Resources, Infrastructure and Construction Sectors know just how complicated the process can get. 

There are many factors that may give rise to a claim, such as a variation in scope, changes between design documents or changes in legislative requirements. On large scale construction projects completed over long periods of time with a complex network of relationships and contractual agreements, it is clear that this process can get highly complex, time-consuming, expensive and litigious. 

Implementing Effective Systems

Sometimes discrepancies between owners and contractors can point to poor project management systems, or that they aren’t working as they should. If the systems are set up well and keep track of evidence and allow for transparency between all parties, then it will be much harder for them to disagree. These systems should be set up at the beginning of the project too so you have no gaps in your records.

With a system like E7’s which stores and organises daily diaries, photos, timesheets and events, you have all the evidence you need to back up a claim at the tip of your fingers and can access it at a moment’s notice. 

Facilitating efficient communication between parties should also be part of a reliable system. For example, contractors should be able to quickly and easily notify owners about any events that may lead to a variation.

Furthermore, discrepancies between claimed value and costs quickly highlight problems in progress claim estimates or subcontractor claims, improving cost and time management. Early visibility of expected monthly costs, ahead of receiving progress claims, further supports effective project cash flow management.

Complete Project Visibility

E7 believes that the key to easy claim substantiation is to have complete project visibility and to facilitate transparent communication between owners and contractors. Our construction management technology supports the clear, indisputable and efficient verification of subcontractor progress claims. Actual progress is captured and assessed through standardised workflows, giving certainty and transparency to contractors and subcontractors. 

But don’t take our word for it, read through what some of our valued clients have to say about the benefits of having clear line of sight on your project here, or get in touch talk to one of our team.