The 2020 Constructionarium Australia Story Bridge Build is well underway! Yesterday (day 5) was the first day of actual construction, after almost a whole week of learning, planning and preparation. Though starting off with a minor delay, by day’s end the crew managed to make up some lost time, with everyone feeling optimistic about the work done so far.

E7 was at the heart of the project’s management, with detailed photos and comments recording progress and delays, templated reports presenting clear and easy-to-understand site data, and timesheets recorded in bulk via two dedicated administrators liaising with their team. Thank you to E7’s Luke Read and Dominic Hefferan for their efforts on site yesterday!

“It was a busy day, but with the help of our E7 support we soon got a good handle on what to do, and I’m very happy with what we achieved with our reporting today,” said Project Controller Robyn Devitt. As the project rolls on, E7 will continue to support and engage with the Constructionarium team to ensure they have the right data at the right time to make the right decisions.

We will keep you updated on their performance and the build progresses!

Download the Day 5 Site Report here.