Last week we wrapped up the 2020 Constructionarium Australia Story Bridge Build!

The cohort worked extremely well over the last two days of the build to get the bridge open on time and under budget. This involved completing the decking and handrails fixed to the centre section, and lifting into place and securing the centre section of the bridge. There were some adjustments needed on the Western section of the bridge, which was captured as an event in E7.

After a level 2 inspection was conducted, there was just some minor rectification work needed to finish off construction and to officially open the bridge.

The cost control team entered all project progress and hours into E7 throughout the build to create Site & Cost Reports, revealing that the project was delivered on time and under budget with approximately 30K left in their cost budget!

This is a fantastic effort and successful delivery from the project team. Well done to all participants, it was a pleasure working with you to help track and view the daily costs and progress and to help provide visibility on project performance.

Thank you to the E7 Delivery and Success team who went onsite to provide support and training to the cohort over the course of the 8 days, including Phil Wheeler, Mridul Dutt, Luke Read, Dominic Hefferan, Luke Titmarsh, Christine Knappstein and Adrian Smith.

View the Day 7 Site Report and Cost Report.