Yesterday E7’s Christine Knappstein and Luke Titmarsh were back onsite with the Constructionarium Australia Story Bridge Build cohort for Day 6. There was a slight delay in the morning due to the crane operator turning up late, which was recorded as an event in E7 system.

We were thrilled to see fantastic use of E7 throughout the day with lots of Photos, Comments, Timesheets. They made fantastic progress today, successfully completing the assembly and lift of the eastern bridge section and the assembly of the centre bridge section on the ground.

Despite the delay in the morning the cost control team determined that the project as a whole was still 1.5 hours ahead of schedule thanks to shifting work fronts while the crane was unavailable. With all the site hours recorded in E7, over 200 photos recorded and progress being updated regularly, we were able to re-run reports and have a look at the performance metrics in real-time throughout the day.

Looking forward to seeing the team finish off the build in the coming days!

View the Day 6 Site Report here.

View the Day 6 Cost Report here