E7’s digital construction platform is being used at six of CSI Mining Services sites across Australia. They initially implemented E7’s time sheeting solution (just one component of the E7 platform) into the CSI head office and after just one week, they could see the value that it brought to their time management. CSI then began implementing E7 onto additional sites one at a time to take advantage of the full functionality E7 has to offer.

We caught up with CSI Mining Services’ head of Project Controls, Nageshwar Sesetti, to share his recent experience in implementing and using E7 for each project, and the value he has realised from the platform.

Nagesh shared some positive feedback about their experience with E7 so far, commenting,

“The onsite teams have accepted E7’s systems very well with very minimal resistance. The help and support that E7 offers throughout the implementation and beyond has made this process a lot easier.”


We have definitely found value in moving to a digital platform. E7’s performance reports have allowed project leaders and executives to see immediately what is going on and act, whereas previously they would only be able to see this information once a week at most.


“This means that if there is anything outside of the project plan that could cause potential issues, we have the early warning signs right in front of us so we are in a better position to mitigate any risks or stop a problem before it has occurred.

Nagesh also commented on how E7 assisted CSI’s workforce.

The visibility of E7 has also resulted in employees on the ground being able to take more ownership of their area as they have access to real-time data which, as a result, has made them more productive.

At E7, we are committed to continually improving our systems and working with our clients to update our platform to better suit their needs.

For this reason, it is important to us that we hear the stories of front-line construction teams using E7 in order to understand exactly how it is (or isn’t) being used, and what we do to continue to increase value for your projects.

We thank Nagesh for his valued time in sharing his feedback about E7 and look forward to continuing our work together in the future.