Project Overview

The Bruce Highway Upgrade – Caloundra Road to Sunshine Motorway (CR2SM), will deliver critical safety benefits to motorists, improving efficiency, reduce traffic congestion and ensure the highway can cater for future traffic growth. The Fulton Hogan Seymour Whyte Joint Venture (FHSW JV) is delivering CR2SM on behalf of the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR).

The project involves upgrading the Bruce Highway to 6-lanes between Caloundra Road and the Sunshine Motorway. This includes major upgrades to both interchanges and the delivery of a 2-way service road for local traffic on the western side of the highway between Steve Irwin Way and Tanawha Tourist Drive.

The $812.95 million project is funded on an 80/20 basis under the Infrastructure Investment Program with the Australian Government contributing $650.36 million (80%) and the Queensland Government contributing $162.59 million (20%).

Providing Clear Line-of-Sight Across The Project

E7 was engaged by FHSW JV to provide oversight, reporting, and a clear line of sight across the project’s site information, through digitalised and streamlined field-based construction processes, including;

  • Site Diaries – comprehensive daily reports, providing detailed records and hours of each Supervisors’ work activities, including labour, plant, materials & subcontractors, split into the various cost codes worked on, together with the site weather information
  • Site Photos – entered by site personnel “at the coalface” and/or by Engineers in the office, to the relevant Supervisors’ diary section and cost code
  • Site Dockets
    • Timesheets
    • Materials
    • Plant
  • Reporting Suite
    • Facilitating Electronic Dockets approvals
    • Productivity information
    • Ad hoc reporting in real-time

With the project being of national significance, and one of Queensland’s highest priority projects, its smooth operation and on-time delivery is essential and key to the long-term growth of the region.

Traditional project management would utilise a paper-based approach to manage the daily capture of time, activities and progress tracking. However, a large project of this nature with a massive scope of work with limitations in terms of access, functionality, data manipulation and reporting meant that a new approach was required.

The appeal of the E7 system of management is that data is captured efficiently and can be used many times for varying purposes. From productivity tracking, through to payment of invoices, the E7 database provides transparency of previous activities in real-time. Project decisions are made with confidence as the E7 system ensures information is accurate and up to date.

E7 has brought several key advantages to the project including:

  • Accurate measurement of progress and performance
  • Ability to track resources and redeploy to meet project needs
  • Efficient and error-free time data capture
  • Real-time data analysis
  • On-demand reporting
  • Universal system access for the project leads and sub-contractors
  • Reduction in administrative burden for Engineers, Administrative Support and Project Management teams
  • Improved project oversight and accuracy of site records, including delays and associated considerations
  • Improved planning and management of daily activities
  • Real-time identification of productivity issues
  • Ability to pinpoint repair locations for insurance recovery

As the project heads towards completion in 2021, E7 will continue to be the project’s primary reference tool and source of project truth. Since implementing E7 on CR2SM in July 2018, the project has captured and processed:

  • Over 135,000 site dockets
  • Almost 280,000 labour hours
  • Management of over 115 subcontractors
  • Over 2,000 completed site activities
  • More than 6,500 site photographs
  • Almost 10,000 comments

“The E7 system has complemented our internal processes and contributed to the successful recovery of weather incurred losses, and an optimal outcome for our Client”

Martin Hodgkinson – Smart Nine Project Managers & Insurance Recovery Specialists

“Managing a large project of this nature requires failsafe systems that ensure large volumes of information can be processed accurately and fast. The efficiency of the E7 system has saved our project time and money as their system minimises errors and maximises productivity.

Brad Thompson, CR2SM Project Director

“E7 has transformed the way we have done business on the project. It provides real time information that has allowed us critical insight into what is going on in the field.  This has enabled us to become more flexible and enabled us to make fast and informed decisions.

The ability to integrate E7 with several of our other systems and processes to further automating them, has reduced errors and improved efficiency for both us and our client.”

Alastair Dalton, CR2SM Commercial Manager

“E7 allowed a project of this size to be effectively managed in almost real time. Quality information was available, and could be easily customised to suit various stakeholder requirements”

Jacob Birch, CR2SM Finance and Controls Manager

“E7 provides a platform to allow our daily plan and daily diary to interface conveniently. This allows the team to work towards better productivity and provides valuable and traceable record keeping.”

Steve O’Brien, CR2SM Construction Manager

“E7’s system is user-friendly and the automation of an online system vs a paper based system saves our team a lot of time and minimises human errors.”

Kimberly Pettinger, CR2SM Administration Lead

About E7

E7 is the leading field-based, digital construction delivery platform, connecting project leaders with real-time insights and providing unparalleled visibility of project performance. With daily clear line of sight, E7 fills the gap between each end-of-month financial reporting cycle.