When we talk to new clients, a concern that we sometimes hear is, “Will our not-so-tech-savvy team members struggle to adapt to the new system?”. However, E7 has found over and over again that a little TLC goes a long way when dealing with resistance from the non-tech savvy. After the E7 training sessions and about a week of adjusting, even the biggest technophobes are very comfortable using our construction management software. 

The EPC and O&M Services contractor, Wasco Energy, recently implemented E7 on their projects to adequately control costs and improve project performance. Their Project Coordinator, Emily Guy explains that this was also a concern for them. “We had a few concerns about how tech-savvy some of our team is, however they picked it up so quickly because it is really easy to use.

“The frequently asked question and the help and advice pages and articles are extremely useful. The system is very user friendly, and you can message the team for support and receive a response very quickly.”

Our Delivery and Success methodology is based on a consultative and collaborative approach to achieve successful implementation of E7 aligned to the client’s objectives. Our team maps out the training requirements specific to each client and provides functional- specific, and hands-on training (even remotely) to ensure our clients know what the system is capable of and how it works. 

We also provide ongoing comprehensive support to all our clients, including phone, email and messaging support, an online help system which contains self-help Quick Reference Guides, and other helpful tools, and proactive account management to ensure you are getting the most out of E7. For those that need round the clock support, we also have weekend support and 24/7 support options available as an extension to your E7 package. 

E7 knows that construction management software needs to make on-site workers’ lives easier – not slow them down with a complex and confusing interface. That is why we have designed E7 to be user friendly, and we do not leave you in the dark if you need any support.

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