Construction is a challenging industry in which to operate; margins are tight, projects often blow out, and as a sector, we have not realised the productivity gains seen in other industries. However, with the rise of Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) massive gains to productivity have been seen, particularly in the US market, where AWP is becoming more commonplace and rapidly being seen as a way to enhance many aspects of project delivery, especially in the resources and petrochemicals industry. E7’s John Whitmire is a champion of AWP, having seen the benefits it can bring to projects firsthand.

AWP has been proven to improve many aspects of project delivery, from safety to equipment tracking and from path of construction clarity to improved project performance.

Research by the Construction Industry Institute found that projects which utilise AWP decreased costs by 10% and increased productivity by up to 25%. On a multi-billion-dollar project, the difference it can make is therefore staggering. AWP is different because of how it involves construction leaders in the development of a project at the outset, rather than as is standard practice, just before work commences. This approach means that the people responsible for project delivery are involved in planning and can work with owners to create a clear path of construction which can take into consideration every aspect of a project from staffing and labour usage through to material scheduling and much more.

AWP provides an asset owner and all contractors and sub-contractors with complete clarity around the path of construction and enables a holistic and highly accurate view to be taken of what must be delivered and when.


It is a proactive approach that takes the complete engineering solution and breaks it down into a clear scope of works for every package to be completed as part of the total project. This enables far more efficient working practices to be brought to bear, enabling far more effective use of resources and greater collaboration by all parties. When combined with a proven ability to track progress, AWP can overcome the challenges to productivity and performance, that have traditionally plagued the delivery of major projects.


Mr Whitmire, who joined E7 to head up the company’s North American Operations, believes that a barrier to the implementation of AWP often lies in the misconception that extensive hardware, software and staffing is required.

AWP doesn’t require extensive investment to become part of a project. However, it does require a system that can pull together field information sources and enable efficient and effective tracking of cost and progress.


A major factor in E7’s success in Australia and North America is that it is the only system that has been designed with complete integration in mind. E7 provides real-time performance tracking, giving project and organisation leaders a clear line of sight across all aspects of a project.


We support best practice methodologies, and robust rules of credit progress measurement so that performance can be tracked and analysed, enabling variances to be identified and corrected before they become unpleasant and costly surprises.


A best in class field timesheet/timecard solution allows the allocation of labour and equipment to activities and events to enable labour performance reporting. With robust approval workflows and the ability to utilize as an input to payroll solutions, it significantly reduces administration overhead.


Our solution means that perceived barriers to implementation are removed, and a solution can be implemented easily and cost-effectively.


Across our decade of operation, E7 has helped deliver over 350 major projects with a combined value of over $50 billion. Our proven project portfolio of management solutions has been built from the ground up using industry best practice methodologies and technical expertise. That’s why we are a trusted solutions provider to the civil, oil and gas, resources, energy and public utilities sectors.

Our real-time software-as-a-service solution is tried, tested and proven to work and is supported by a dedicated Delivery and Success team who seamlessly integrate our solution into an organisation and supply chain, maximising uptake and project benefit.

E7 is the only fully integrated daily performance management solution capable of supporting the needs of every stakeholder utilising Advanced Work Packaging to deliver a major project.