Progress Management relies on information; information provided through field reporting, one of the main pillars for the success of every project in construction. Everyone on site is part of the reporting process with all tasks and activities intricately connected. The slightest delay in one task can have a serious impact on the budget and the timeframe of the entire project.
With this knowledge, it is striking that the primary tool for reporting in most construction projects is still paper, or at best, ad hoc Excel sheets. This disparate method for collecting field information requires a labour-intensive manual review of the data, slow, error-prone data entry into the corporate systems, and finally, management reports generated for stakeholder circulation. The way progress is documented plays a substantial role in the accurate, timely capture of progress. Traditionally, progress capture is reflected through daily, weekly and month-end reporting. Traditional reporting requires a lot of time and resources on a day-to-day basis, a serious administrative load that hinders productivity.

This process takes time to accumulate, even though the daily information is captured in “real-time” resulting in, as one industry colleague commented, “real-time reporting … once a month”.

How do we combat “real-time reporting … once a month” phenomena?

E7 is the leading field-based construction delivery platform, connecting project leaders with real-time insights and providing unparalleled visibility of project performance. E7 delivers a daily clear line of sight, filling the gap between each end-of-month financial reporting cycle. For daily and weekly project insight, there is no equivalent in the market. As the fastest available construction feedback platform, E7 enables project teams to make confident, informed decisions based on real-time data. Easy integration with other enterprise systems (for example: financial, planning, human resources, 3D and 4D models, BIM and GIS), and continual data use and refinement, further ensure the highest quality daily and weekly reports with less effort and fewer resources.

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