Since the beginning of COVID-19, the remote collaboration capabilities of E7 have become more valuable than ever. 

This is because complete project visibility for remotely operating teams is at the core of what we offer for our client’s projects. Instead of heading out to site to get an accurate picture of project progress and management, project teams can make confident, informed decisions from the valuable real-time data that E7’s digital platform offers. 

E7’s Subcontractor Docket capability, in particular, has the ability to not only increase the accuracy and timeliness of your project records but also to significantly minimise contact between all personnel involved directly supporting COVID-19 restricted working practices while improving efficiency and reducing manual handling and data entry.

A paper docket could be handled by several people – the deliverer, the employee accepting the delivery, a project supervisor, administration team, and so on. Another factor to take into account the sharing of pens and the actual physical contact that often comes into play; usually on multiple occasions each and every day. This is an inefficient process at the best of times, and with social distancing recommendations, this becomes even more unsustainable.

Instead, our Subcontractor Docket capability turns this paper-based process into an entirely digital one. Subcontractors submit their daily dockets digitally via computer or mobile device, which are then sent directly to supervisors for fast review, cost code allocation and approval/rejection. With this information captured, you also have the capability to generate robust records of costs to improve budget management and have a real-time view of costs, materials and resources. 

However, this capability is only one of the many integrated features that E7 offers for strengthening project performance and minimising physical contact. Other digital solutions such as attendance and competency and timesheets/timecards also reduce the staff needed onsite, minimise the need for direct contact, and allow for more streamlined, paperless processes. Check out the full list of solutions our platform provides here

If you are an existing client who is not already taking advantage of this service, get in touch to discuss how we can incorporate this into your package. If you are a new client wanting to hear about how E7’s digital capabilities can increase your project performance, contact us here