Envision is a fantastic name, but not for every market we operate in. As we’ve secured more and more projects across the globe, we’ve realised we need to change, to make our name more accessible and universal across borders and languages.

Moving forward, we will now operate as E7.

E7 is distilled from Envision (E and the seven letters that follow), in a deliberate design cue reflecting our decade-long tradition of supporting major resource, energy, and infrastructure projects.

This change will apply to our organisation, Ennova Consulting Pty Ltd, and our software application, Envision. Our new company name in Australia is E7 Pty Ltd, but our ABN will remain the same so that all existing agreements can continue unchanged.

These are the changes you can expect in the coming weeks:

Commercial changes

Our legal name was Ennova Consulting Pty Ltd; our new legal name is E7 Pty Ltd. E7 Pty Ltd will operate under the same ABN. All other company details will remain the same.

Domain changes

All services based upon envisionapp.com will continue to work for months ahead. Progressively, we will migrate our services to https://.e7.site and will liaise directly to coordinate this change.

Branding changes

In the coming weeks, we will be rolling out a new look brand to web and mobile environments. Our new logo has been inspired by our focus on the capture and analysis of data from projects.

Despite the name change, we will maintain the connection, values and expectations that our clients, partners and stakeholders have from Envision and look forward to working you into the future under the new name of E7.

The E7 technology allows us to run with leaner project teams. We now have improved quality and frequency of communications.

Geoff Scott
Operations Manager,Clough