Restricted Working Unrestricted Service

For Envision’s Delivery and Success Team, travelling the world to some of the most remote work sites has been part and parcel of the daily lives of Christine Knappstein, Luke Read, Phill Wheeler, and the team as they implement Envision for clients and train users on how to best adopt and use our software.

From remote toolbox session in Mongolia to industrial and resources mega projects in North America and Australia, their goal is to ensure that Envision is fully embedded into any project. But with the COVID-19 pandemic meaning travel was impossible, the team had to pivot to delivering training in new ways.

Rather than face to face meetings, the team quickly adapted to online delivery, using video conferencing and alternative scheduling to achieve success,

To support our clients, we rapidly moved to online delivery. Typically, we would spend 3 or 4 days with a project team, undertaking workshops and sessions on-site and at head office locations. That was no longer possible, so we moved to video conferencing, but it is impossible to run full-day video sessions.

I think that anyone out there in the new video conferencing world will appreciate that in some ways video sessions are more draining than face-to-face sessions, so we split our workshops and training sessions into four-hour blocks that were scheduled to fit in with the needs and timings of the client and end-users.

This has yielded some great benefits. Scoping workshops and training sessions in shorter blocks has enabled us to work around the diary of users so that we train people while enabling them to continue with their day-to-day tasks. Shorter sharper blocks also mean that information is digested, reviewed, and participants are in a stronger position to participate in future sessions as they are fresher and more able to learn.

Feedback from clients has been extremely positive, with one project manager in Western Australia remarking that remote training had been extremely positive, with over 70% of users fully engaging in the system after the first session.

We have also found that as we deliver remotely, end users are far more relaxed, less stressed and are enjoying the flexibility on offer.

An unexpected benefit of COVID-19 restrictions is that clients understand that we are not in a perfect environment, and everyone is more tolerant of the challenges associated with training project teams. Maybe it is to do with remote working and being able to shed the suit and tie, but on the whole, everyone seems more relaxed and at ease in all sessions.

Benefits don’t stop with clients, as our Delivery and Success Team feel the freedom brought about by travel restrictions. “Our new way of working means that we don’t live and work out of suitcases, and for our team, this has been a huge boost. They can spend more time with their families, less time in airports and are safe in the knowledge that the work they are doing is extremely well received and generates fantastic results.”

The Delivery and Success Team are currently embedding Envision into 15 major projects across Australia and 2 in North America, with two major projects going from training to full implementation since the lockdown was imposed.

Christine Knappstein
Head of Delivery and Success

We are used to delivering scoping workshops and training sessions face-to-face, something which has been extremely successful on over 300 projects globally, but as a result of the changes associated with COVID-19, we had to quickly transition to new ways of delivery.

Luke Read
Delivery and Success Manager

Phil Wheeler
Delivery and Success Manager