One of the things we are most proud of at Envision is the work that our team do outside of their day jobs, supporting technology events, not-for-profit organisations and in the case of Bernhard Budiono, being on the ground helping communities recover after a natural disaster.

In addition to being an employee of Envision, Bernie is also a member of the Australian Defence Force in the Army Reserves. Attached to Unit: 41 Royal New South Wales Regiment as part of Task Group 2/17 under Joint Task Force (JTF) 1110 in NSW, Lieutenant Budiono has been on the ground in New South Wales helping with the recovery effort following the summer’s devastating bushfires.

He received the call to mobilise at the start of January and was required to head to New South Wales and join his regiment as they deployed to aid recovery on the state’s central and north coasts. Primarily their role was to support the local councils; Coffs Harbour City Council, Kempsey Shire Council and Clarence Valley Council, state organisations such as the Rural Fire Service, Public Works Authority and State Emergency Services as well as non-government-organisations like Blaze Aid.

The assistance they were able to offer was in the form of physical resources and bringing technology into areas to help assess damage and risk. This involved everything from clearing debris and felling trees to ensure roads could be reopened, clearing fire trails and restoring fire breaks, removing and reinstating fencelines and boundaries, as well as liaising with army engineers to use their assets to provide plant and equipment.

They were also able to use drone technology to assess the impact of fires and to survey debris and ash in waterways, which is far safer and quicker than sending teams into potentially dangerous environments.

We caught up with Bernie who reported that it had been a hectic few weeks, a lot of hard work and that he is rightly proud of the small part he played in helping communities to recover. There is a long road ahead as residents cope with loss and try and rebuild their lives and communities, but having seen the community spirit first-hand, Bernie believes that they will recover and come back stronger than ever.

Envision’s CEO, Hugh Hofmeister, paid tribute to Bernie

Bernie is someone who exemplifies the spirit and culture of our organisation, and we are all incredibly proud of the work he has done in New South Wales and are fully supportive of his role as an Army Reservist.