In 2019, it was fair to say that our Delivery and Success Team was busier than ever, ensuring that Envision is seamlessly embedded into major projects across Australia and Asia.

In our experience, there are four main reasons why implementing new systems and software as a service products fail, they are:

  • Failure to plan
  • Failure to test
  • Failure to train
  • Failure to remedy

For Envision, failure to train is not an option. We know that the best software in the world becomes a white elephant when users are not thoroughly trained and confident. That’s why we put training at the heart of any service rollout.

For example, we are pretty sure that there aren’t many providers who will happily send their team members all over the globe to ensure uptake at every level of a project, from site to head office. When there is a 6 am toolbox on a project in Mongolia, you’ll find Envision staff like Luke Read working with project teams to make sure that the four points of failure do not occur.

In short, we go the extra one to 10,000 miles to make sure that your team members are fully trained to take advantage of our systems supporting project oversight and performance.

Over the last eight years, we’ve implemented Envision on over 270 Energy, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure and Resources projects worth a combined $20 billion and the good news is that our efforts work.  After working with our Delivery and Success Team users are highly confident in using our software and praise its simplicity, so much so that 9/10 users would recommend Envision to their colleagues.