After an extensive 8-day programme, the latest cohort of Constructionarium Australia participants has completed their Story Bridge build. At over 25m long and weighing in at 4 tonnes the development of the structure offers undergraduates and emerging industry professionals the opportunity to gain real-world experience of working on a major project under the watchful eye of industry professionals and experts.

This cohort performed well overall at Constructionarium Australia’s most recent Story Bridge Build due to their diligence in tracking daily cost through Envision. Their precision reflected their underperformance due to delays on site, but more importantly their ability to apply lessons learnt throughout the project – seeing a significant increase in Earned Value Performance throughout the following days’ work.  This allowed the team to complete the project at $85,680.81, $9,457.79 under their cost budget of $95,138.60. Using Envision, the team was able to accurately track their daily cost and performance while switching executive positions daily, allowing them to accurately pinpoint where and when their direct cost was critical to their success.
We have been extremely impressed by the dedication, commitment and knowledge on display and can see that construction, engineering and design is in very capable hands as the next generation of professionals make their mark on the industry.

Check out their daily reports to see the latest real-time information from the site.

Download the day 4 Performance Report

Download the day 4 Site Report

Download the day 4 Cost Report