Due to the projects we have helped to support, experienced users of Envision are in significant demand within the Oil & Gas, Infrastructure and Resources sectors, as more and more organisations see the value of how data and insights can lead to improved project performance.

So much so that in the last few weeks we have had many calls from recruiters in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane looking for recommendations to fill roles on the nation’s major infrastructure projects. Armed with over 250 completed projects worth over $20bn in our portfolio, it’s not hard to see why users of Envision are increasingly in demand.

While we will never recommend individuals to recruiters, it is a testament to the power of our service and the results Envision helps to achieve that the people we work with are sought after.

Envision’s CEO, Hugh Hofmeister, stated the importance of showcasing skills to prospective employers

As digital adoption increases in the infrastructure sector, being able to demonstrate proven skills with cutting edge technology and systems is essential. Through using Envision, our clients can access meaningful daily performance metrics rather than wait for end of month financial results to improve programme and production efficiency and have the facts that they need to make better decisions faster across every aspect of a major project.

Having skilled and experienced users in any project team can make a positive difference to the performance of a project and reduce risks associated with time and cost blowouts.

If you are keen to know the projects that we are helping to deliver and the clients that Envision supports, follow us on LinkedIn and visit our website, because your Envision experience may help you to land your next dream role.