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Construction organisations are beginning to realise the importance of data driven decision making



Construction-specific features provide the shortest cycle time for project feedback




E7 has been deployed on more than 350 projects to date, valued at more than $50B collectively




We hear from industry all the time – what they need to successfully deliver their projects is timely and accurate information



E7 acquired by Bentley Systems, Inc.

We have announced the acquisition of E7 by Bentley Systems, Inc. The press release on the subject can be read here.

We are very happy to join Bentley Systems, which is a company of engineers making software for engineers. Our shared vision of accelerating the adoption of 4D construction digital twins will benefit our users in driving more predictable project outcomes.  We would like to invite you, our valued customers, to join us on this exciting new journey!

E7 connects project leaders with real-time insights, providing unparalleled visibility of project performance

With daily clear line of sight, E7 fills the gap between each end-of-month financial reporting cycle. Construction-specific features capture daily diaries, unplanned events, timesheets, dockets, costs and progress, providing the shortest cycle time for project feedback.

Simple mobile and web interfaces turn ad hoc, manual processes into standardised, digital ones, mobilising those closest to the work. With unlimited users, and controlled client and subcontractor access, E7 harnesses a project’s full network, gathering the most up-to-date project insights and supporting collaboration in one platform.


Industrial Owners and EPCM Contractors

Many of the Owners and EPCM Contractors across industry state they have real-time insight into project performance based on reporting connected to their planning and cost systems. The challenge is that these systems are typically updated on a monthly cycle and therefore real-time insight actually becomes “real-time insight” … once a month.

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Civil Contractors

E7 provides Civil Contractors with a daily clear line of sight of status and performance across an entire project, greatly assisting with the continuous planning and execution of works. Daily correction to keep the project on track.

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Industrial Contractors

E7 provides Industrial Contractors with a daily clear line of sight of status and performance across an entire project, minimizing the risk of cost and time overruns, acting as a trusted source of truth.

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Who is using E7?

E7 provides a standardised, disciplined approach to earned value and performance management that integrates with planning and cost management systems.
E7 captures real-time cost and production rates, overcoming spreadsheet weaknesses and end-of-month reporting delays, enabling real-time reporting.
E7 enables the daily tracking of progress across a wide range of inputs and metrics, linked to a project’s activities.
E7 supports clear, indisputable and efficient verification of subcontractor claims – giving certainty and transparency to contractors and subcontractors.
E7 is the only construction platform that integrates programs, sharing them with project teams – increasing information sources and opportunities to collaborate.
E7’s mobile event capture enables any team member to record events in real-time and set in motion a clear, defined workflow.
E7 links photos immediately to activities, events or tasks, creating traceability and searchability for the life of a project.
E7 provides a standardised solution and central source for daily records that are otherwise difficult and time-consuming to extract from paper diaries.
E7’s timesheets solution offers the benefits of digital records, saving time and reducing input errors.
E7 uses existing hardware, paired with E7 mobile, to enable supervisors to scan in their crews from anywhere in the field, or projects can create easy mobile kiosks.
E7’s electronic solution enables flexible mobile docket capture by subcontractors, with data immediately allocated to appropriate cost codes.
E7 makes it easy to track plant and equipment to minimise idle or poorly utilised plant, improve use and identify savings.

APLNG Collaborative Well Delivery


After four successful years of program delivery, the team introduced E7 to help reach their next level of improvement. E7 has been the central source of project data since 2016.


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QCLNG contracts


E7 was used for work planning, progress and cost capture, daily diary creation, change management, and ongoing productivity reporting on MPC Kinetic’s QCLNG contracts.


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QCLNG Surat North


Because this was a remote location, Clough challenged their normal way of working and applied Lean principles to support faster decision making, monthly project controls and reporting.


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Chris Barber

A strong management decision to support the use of a single point of truth being E7 has created a stable data set, helping to promote a ‘best for project’ culture. The project team could make fast and supportable decisions to exploit the opportunities a ‘production line’ approach with the adoption using lean construction techniques.

Grant Puttergill

This is the greatest access we’ve had to real-time, accurate performance information to enable quality, value-adding decision-making. We’ve seen significant, measurable improvements in efficiency and productivity, which has led to cost and schedule benefits on our project.

Brendan McGuckin

It’s a lot easier for [construction managers, project managers and engineers] to see how well they are performing and whether they need to up their game. With E7, as long as your data is current, you have a snapshot in seconds of where you sit as a project.